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Handling Asset Recovery In The U.S. & Offshore

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Asset Search and Recovery Lawyer Helps Victims of Fraud

Accomplished New York lawyer looks for hidden accounts and offshore wealth

It is the unfortunate truth that certain companies and individuals go to great lengths to hold onto wealth that does not rightfully belong to them, choosing to commit fraud rather than act justly. Located in New York and serving clients across the United States and abroad, the office of Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law is dedicated to finding and recovering hidden assets. Practicing law since 1990, Mr. Abrams has located tens of millions of dollars tucked away in offshore accounts, secret trusts and other hiding spots.

Reputable professional investigates suspicions of high-value financial fraud

Our firm takes legal action to reveal the improprieties of parties committing financial fraud. In these cases, we depose witnesses to obtain key information and freeze bank accounts when authorized by law. Mr. Abrams is known for being:

  • Determined — Even when considerable obstacles stand between you and recovering your funds, Mr. Abrams will work tirelessly in pursuit of a favorable result.
  • Knowledgeable — Focusing solely on asset discovery and recovery, Mr. Abrams remains well informed regarding relevant laws in various prominent jurisdictions, as well as the tactics dishonest parties use to obscure funds.
  • Strategic — Every client faces their own unique circumstances. Mr. Abrams approaches each case thoughtfully, and implements actionable asset location strategies based on the client’s particular situation.

Mr. Abrams has earned an AV Preeminent® Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell® for his high ethical standards and professional ability. He is available to work with local counsel from around the United States, including California, Florida and Massachusetts.

Dedicated law firm develops personalized, goal-oriented asset recovery plans

Mr. Abrams assists with high-value asset recovery matters for clients in situations relating to:

  • Asset search and recovery — Fraud is theft by deception, and part of that deception could include hiding property so a rightful owner or claimant cannot take possession of it. In our practice, we are able to trace property that has been transferred or hidden and employ legal processes to unwind fraudulent transfers.
  • Divorce and hidden money — Often during divorce, an asset search becomes necessary when a party refuses to comply with disclosure requirements or discovery requests. Much of our asset recovery work involves spouses who try to shield property from their unsuspecting partners, either through fraudulent transfers to close associates or by using offshore accounts.
  • Trust distribution — Assets held in trust must be managed ethically and competently. Distributions are to be made according to the terms of the trust. Fiduciaries who refuse to release assets to rightful beneficiaries or who disperse assets improperly violate their legal responsibility and can be held personally liable for the trust’s losses. We represent trust beneficiaries whose rights have been violated.
  • Financial fraud — If you’ve been victimized by corporate or individual fraud, we gather evidence to prove what happened and compel restitution. The evidence we assemble can then be given to law enforcement if criminal prosecution is warranted.
  • Divorce — A divorcing spouse might unlawfully remove assets from the marital estate to prevent those assets from being shared with his or her ex during divorce proceedings
  • Estate or trust distribution — A wealthy person’s estate or trust can be an attractive target for an unethical trustee or executor. Trusts can be used to transfer assets discretely, sometimes in ways that deprive their rightful beneficiaries.
  • Collections — An entity or individual who claims to have insufficient funds to cover their debt to another party may actually be hiding their assets in an attempt to get out of their financial obligation. When it looks as though a creditor will not be able to collect, we go to work tracing assets. We seek to demonstrate that the debtor &/or liable party has sufficient resources to pay the obligation.

In every case, we are meticulous in our collection of evidence, and work with private investigators when prudent.

Contact a trusted New York asset search and recovery law firm to speak with an attorney

Serving the New York area and consulting with firms throughout the United States, Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law provides diligent asset search and recovery services. If you have a rightful claim to property that another person or entity has improperly placed outside your reach, we are here to help. To schedule a consultation, please call 800-986-1497 or contact us online.


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