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Attorney Represents Victims of Financial Fraud

If you possess cognizable claims against institutions and individuals reputable New York firm can seek to recover from them on your behalf

Financial fraud occurs when one party makes a misrepresentation of facts to another party with the intention of achieving financial gain. Individuals and businesses that fall victim to financial fraud might suffer a substantial loss. The office of Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law can help victims of financial fraud pursue damages from individuals and/or entities that have swindled them. Mr. Abrams is able to handle a wide range of financial fraud lawsuits, including actions against major companies, influential financial institutions and well-known individuals.

Skillful lawyer can litigate financial fraud lawsuits against powerful defendants

People and businesses find all kinds of ways to take advantage of others. Mr. Abrams may seek asset recovery for clients defrauded through:

  • Pyramid schemes — A pyramid scheme involves deceptive promises of high returns used to lure investors, who are encouraged to recruit additional investors. Most or all of the invested money is used to pay people at the top of the scheme, rather than being used legitimately for all investors’ benefit. When the scheme collapses, most investors lose their money. A Ponzi scheme is a type of pyramid scheme.
  • Embezzlement — Someone is guilty of embezzlement when he or she is entrusted to manage the assets of a company, government body or another person, but instead uses those assets for their own gain. A common example of embezzlement is an employee or executive using company funds for personal expenditures.
  • Extortion or blackmail — A person who tries to force another person into making a payment by threatening to commit some type of criminal harm (extortion) or to release secret information (blackmail) might be liable for damages and face prosecution.
  • Accounting fraud — Businesses and their owners suffer when they are misled regarding their company’s assets and debts. The employee, officer or accountant who cooks the books may do so for personal gain or to harm the victim(s).
  • Bankruptcy fraud — When a person or business provides false information in a bankruptcy proceeding, that can be a criminal fraud. The fraudulent party might be trying to avoid paying debts.  Bankruptcy proceedings can even be misused to gain an advantage during a divorce.

Seasoned professional investigates fraud and pursues maximum damages

If you learn or suspect that you were a victim of financial fraud, speak to a collections attorney and determine if damages may be recoverable through a lawsuit.

If Mr. Abrams accepts your case, he will prepare your complaint meticulously and file a lawsuit with the appropriate court. Once the defendant responds to the complaint, the case will proceed through discovery. Discovery is a crucial step for uncovering information that can help win the case. Documents will be subpoenaed, witnesses will be deposed and a thorough investigation of financial records will occur. The defendant may then offer a settlement to compensate you for harm caused by their misconduct. If no offer is made or the proffered settlement is insufficient, Mr. Abrams will fight for maximum damages in court, seeking an award that accounts for short-term and long-term losses.

To prove that fraud took place, it will be necessary to establish that the defendant knowingly made false statements and that you relied on the statements.  In other words, you were harmed by your reasonable belief that those statements were true. Under these circumstances, Mr. Abrams can use his skills to seek a recovery on behalf of the victim of a fraud.

Contact a committed New York financial fraud recovery attorney to set up a consultation

Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law can counsel victims of financial fraud in New York and in some cases throughout the United States. To schedule a consultation with Mr. Abrams, call 800-986-1497 or contact us online.


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