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Reputable attorney pursues financial disclosure in high-value California cases

By the time a person files for divorce, they may have already taken extensive efforts to conceal assets that should rightfully be included in the marital estate. The office of Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law is dedicated to finding and recovering hidden assets for divorcing spouses in and around Beverly Hills, as well as other parts of California. We also help clients take legal action to enforce civil judgment collections. Our firm has assisted many clients involved in high-value divorces and lawsuits, with Mr. Abrams uncovering tens of millions of dollars’ worth of missing funds and property.

Accomplished law firm helps establish total value of community property

In California, almost any assets or interest acquired by either spouse during a marriage are considered community property. During a California divorce, community property must be divided equally between the two spouses. Of course, it is impossible to divide community property equally if one spouse has illegally hidden part of that property to keep for himself or herself.

If you suspect that your ex is misrepresenting his or her finances, our firm can conduct thorough research and potentially enlist a private investigator to search for hidden assets. Once we find areas of interest, Mr. Abrams takes legal actions targeted to reveal the full scope of your ex’s financial fraud. We have had considerable success with:

  • Obtaining court orders to freeze secret bank accounts in the U.S. and abroad
  • Securing bank account statements, witness testimony and other evidence from offshore banks
  • Recovering assets fraudulently transferred to secret trusts and shell companies
  • Domesticating foreign and out-of-state court orders and judgements

Determined people come up with all types of creative ways to hide money. We know where to look and how to prove that hidden assets belong as community property.

Knowledgeable lawyer assists with Los Angeles civil judgment collections

There are several methods a successful plaintiff (judgment creditor) may use to forcibly collect a monetary award from the defendant (debtor). However, if the debtor has hidden assets to make it appear they are unable to pay what they owe, the judgment creditor will not be able to easily access the funds owed.

Our firm performs asset search and recovery on behalf of clients owed high-value civil judgments. We initiate legal proceedings intended to:

  • Attach real property
  • Restrain assets
  • Turn over assets held by an intermediary
  • Obtain assets held by shell companies

With more than 30 years of experience practicing law, Mr. Abrams has handled many high-profile cases. He has been cited by various major media outlets, and has lectured other attorneys on asset concealment.

Contact a respected asset search and recovery attorney serving Beverly Hills clients

Based in New York City, the office of Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law regularly works with clients in Beverly Hills and other California locations on sensitive, high-stakes matters of asset search and recovery. To schedule a meeting with Mr. Abrams, call 800-986-1497 or contact us online.


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