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Meticulous Attorney Finds and Recovers Hidden Assets in Massachusetts Cases

Experienced lawyer assists clients during high-value Cape Cod divorces

Anyone who has witnessed a Cape Cod divorce unfold knows that the peaceful nature of the locale often doesn’t carry over into the dissolution proceeding. Suspicions of hidden assets can make divorce particularly contentious. Based in New York City, the office of Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law conducts thorough research into familiar and lesser-known devices used to conceal wealth and property. With a dedicated focus on asset search and recovery, we make every effort to force the disclosure of funds in secret trusts, offshore accounts and other creative hiding spots.

Skillful firm locates assets relevant to high net-worth Massachusetts divorces

Massachusetts law dictates that marital property — which includes all assets acquired by either spouse during the marriage — must be distributed equitably in a divorce. To determine what is equitable, a judge can consider factors such as each spouse’s separate property going into the marriage, sources of income, and either spouse’s misconduct while the couple was wed.

The challenge in many high net-worth divorces is that one spouse tries to avoid an equitable distribution by funneling assets from the marital estate in a way that simultaneously devalues the estate while secretly increasing the value of the spouse’s separate property. When this “separate” property remains hidden and inaccessible, the fraudulent spouse can exit the marriage with a serious, improper advantage.

Mr. Abrams has extensive experience finding assets hidden in domestic and offshore bank accounts, trusts and shell companies, and obscured through sham loans. We utilize the power of injunctions, depositions, subpoenas and domestication orders to obtain evidence that may help empower your case. Our firm also works with private investigators and specialized experts to uncover information about inaccurate fine art and property valuations.

Accomplished attorney develops strategies to enforce judgment collections

People who go to great lengths to hide money are rarely eager to part with it, even when a court order determines that the assets belong to someone else. Forcing concealed assets into the light is among the first steps to proving that a debtor has sufficient funds to pay a judgment creditor (the winning party in a lawsuit) what is owed. Once assets are located, we can take steps toward forcing their recovery.

Our firm can prepare a multi-pronged legal offense aimed to acquire the assets that belong to you, potentially including:

  • Attaching real property
  • Initiating asset turnover proceedings
  • Petitioning to domesticate foreign and out-of-state judgments

Over the course of his career, Mr. Abrams has located millions of dollars’ worth of hidden assets, and has shepherded their return to legal owners.

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Serving clients in the Cape Cod, Massachusetts area from our home base in New York City, the office of Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law focuses on asset search and recovery for high-value divorces and civil cases. To schedule a consultation with our firm, call 800-986-1497 or contact us online.


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