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Experienced Attorney Handles Asset Recovery for Palm Beach Civil Cases

Trusted lawyer pursues financial disclosure for Florida divorces and debt collection

The office of Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law skillfully uncovers assets hidden domestically and abroad. With so many successful individuals and families in the Palm Beach area, divorces and other civil actions initiated in Palm Beach County, Florida often have significantly higher stakes than those in most other parts of the country. People who prioritize their personal wealth over the well-being of an ex-spouse or litigant may go to extreme means to hide assets, with the hope that these assets cannot be distributed in a fair manner. Our firm has a lengthy record of success finding and recovering concealed assets.

Respected asset search law firm arms divorcing spouses with information

In accordance with Florida law, marital assets must be distributed equitably between spouses when the marriage is dissolved. But equitable distribution is possible only when both spouses have a clear and accurate understanding of the total value of their marital property.

To reduce the perceived value of the marital estate, a person might unlawfully conceal assets in a variety of ways. In some cases, millions of dollars are directed away from shared bank accounts and placed into an array of hiding places, including offshore accounts, secret trusts and shell companies.

As your law firm, our objective is to find and reveal hidden assets everywhere they are stashed around the world — and then to help you recover what belongs to you. To achieve this, we may:

  • Depose witnesses and subpoena documents from offshore banks
  • Seek injunctions on foreign and domestic bank accounts
  • Initiate legal action to recoup assets illegally transferred to trusts and shell companies
  • Domesticate court orders and judgments issued by international and out-of-state courts
  • Collaborate with a private investigator for on-the-ground detective work

Mr. Abrams has extensive experience dealing with complex asset recovery cases.

Accomplished law firm detects hidden assets for judgment collections

Once you have won a judgment against a debtor, you may still face an uphill battle to receive the funds to which you are legally entitled. Some debtors go to great lengths to hide assets in an attempt to avoid paying what they owe. Our law office assists judgment creditors with legal strategies designed to dismantle complicated webs of concealed trusts, shell companies, shifted property titles and other tactics used to obscure wealth. Our asset search and recovery efforts can include filing motions to attach real property, restrain assets, turn over assets held by intermediaries and obtain assets held by shell companies.

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Based in New York City, the office of Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law frequently advises divorcing spouses and judgment creditors in the Palm Beach area and other parts of Florida. To schedule a consultation with Mr. Abrams, call 800-986-1497 or contact us online.


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